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In Northern Hunting we do things differently! We do not allow us to limit standards and unwritten rules, but instead do exactly what we believe, create the best user experience, the best products and the cheapest prices, Northern Hunting products’ high quality taken into account. We simply believe that something is missing in the hunting industry - a development of most other industries have already been through!


In the hunting industry, it is rarely seen that hunting clothing marks themselves use of the opportunity to sell online as brand webshop. The hunting industry generally carries great importance to the fact that things are often done as they have always been done. That we will in Northern Hunting do everything not to do!

We have launched with the intention of selling products where reasonable prices go hand in hand with high quality. This is precisely what the hunting industry lacks, and we will therefore do everything to make you think that we are bringing just that. Online trading will become more and more important in the future, and with the fantastic consumer rights development we are going through in these years, online trading will only become more and more attractive to the consumer. We are happy that the risk of online trading is disappearing!


Hunting clothes are already widely available online! Therefore, the value for you is not that we offer sales online, but instead the way we do it. We do not compromise on quality to offer you a cheaper product, we instead look at optimizing internal processes and the product's path from raw material to consumer, to make this as short as possible. The result is directly reflected in our product prices. We seek to create quality at the highest level, while in terms of price we want to place ourselves in the segment below the already recognized and expensive brands in the industry. We are certainly not the cheapest, we never will be, but for the price our aim is to be number 1!

Physical presence in new settings

The fact that the reasons are many, and that statistics say that we are increasingly choosing the web as a marketplace, does not mean that you should forget the value of physical presence with invaluable customer contact. In our view, one does not exclude the other, but it is very important to choose where the main focus should lie - for us it is at However, we have chosen to offer a physical concept that enables you as a consumer to physically feel and see Northern Hunting's products. We call the concept: Hunter's call. With the concept, we will offer to come to you, the hunters, on hunting days, when you are a larger group together. You call 71 99 20 60, and then we arrange a day when we come out to you and show off the Northern Hunting collection! The only prerequisite is that you are at least 15 hunters together.


Northern Hunting is based on two ambitions in particular: 1.) to sell your own hunting clothing through your own webshop, and 2.) the desire to create hunting clothing that does not look like what your father wore 20 years ago! The fashion industry is booming out there. Fits are developed and new experimental lines are tried, all while we in the hunting industry have done many things the same way for decades. Northern Hunting is not a fashion store! We never forget that it is hunting that we are here for and passionate about, but why not make hunting clothing that is just that much smarter and more contemporary than what we typically see in the industry? In Northern Hunting, we intend to present a narrower fit that moves away from large boxy hunting trousers and hunting jackets - that mindset we left behind in the previous millennium!

As described several times before, quality is paramount! We only seek to develop products with extra high wear resistance - that's why we offer you an extended 5-year warranty on all Northern Hunting products. In this way, we hope to show that these are not just empty words, but that you can actually trust the high level of the hunting products. In terms of design, we seek to turn traditional straight lines into a more organic and experimental interplay between different sections of the clothing. We strive for lines that twist, independent of front and back, in the attempt to create hunting clothing in total design balance. Whether we succeed in reflecting these values ​​in the products, we leave it up to you!



The Northern Hunting project has been several years in the making, and has been turned and turned an almost unheard of number of times. But no matter how much we think and prepare, the future will never be exciting if you are not on board with the idea! Northern Hunting wants to involve you in the process as much as possible, because what is most important to us is that we offer exactly the things you and the hunters are missing. We love customer contact, and with online trading as the primary platform, this can be difficult. Call, write, visit our store, shout, come with good advice, give us a shitbald or even fold us on the shoulder if you wish it! Most importantly, we get stuck how much we appreciate when you contact us. Become it! You help us create the perfect online hunting store.