Together with Northern Hunting's hunters, we wish you a good journey with our products

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Innovative hunting clothing from Northern Hunting

Northern Hunting has since 2015 specialized in developing innovative hunting clothes. The fit has been modernized so you avoid box-shaped clothes.

Instead you get hunting jackets, hunting trousers and hunting shirts that are more dense. It helps on mobility and functionality. The goal of the hunting clothes is to create the best experience for you. You must be satisfied with your purchase. Therefore, we also have five years warranty. So you can feel safe in your purchase. We only give the guarantee because we have so much confidence in the quality of our clothes.

We make hunting clothing an experience

Together with Northern Hunting hunters, we want you a good journey with our products


Durable hunting clothing

If you need help finding the right clothing for your hunt, contact us. Whether you are a new or experienced hunter, we are ready to guide you. Our hunting clothes work for both stationary and active hunting. If you have problems keeping warm during a hunt, we recommend that you layer upon layer of clothing. It can, for example, be an inner layer of merino wool or a hunting t-shirt, a fleece top and a thick hunting jacket. It ensures that you can keep warm when you have to sit still and wait for a hunt.

Northern Hunting's Committee

Our hunting jackets are designed for hunting in the Nordics and in Europe. Therefore, they are good if you are going hunting in Denmark, Norway, Sweden or elsewhere in Europe. The camouflage is also suitable for these places. You can see our selection of camouflage hunting clothing here. However, several of our customers have used the jackets in the rest of the world, such as Africa, Scotland and the Middle East. You just have to be aware of the climate and terrain you will be hunting in. Typically, the dark colors will suit forests and mountains very well. The majority of the jackets are made with a membrane, which makes them both windproof and waterproof. However, membranes are a compromise.

Flagship store

Visit our store in Aabyhøj, Aarhus. Come in and see, try, buy or just for an informal chat with the people behind Northern Hunting. We always have hot coffee and cold beer ready! See you at Klamsagervej 19B.

Get help choosing hunting clothes

If you have any questions about which jacket or pants that you need, please contact us. We have hunters ready to guide you through the process. We recommend clothes based on your preferences. If you don’t like having many layers during the hunt, we would recommend you a thicker jacket and thicker pants

If, on the other hand, you would like to wear more layers, we would recommend a thinner jacket. If you are a new hunter, we can find a set that you can use for 90% of all hunting, if you have the right equipment. The combination of clothes, underwear and footwear is typically what creates the good experience when you are hunting. We also have gift cards and gifts for the hunter if you need to surprise the hunter in your life. We have written a guide where you get an overview of what gifts you can give to your hunting friend. The gifts range from relatively inexpensive hunting gifts to larger gifts. These are typical accessories that every hunter can always use more of. You'll also find more unique gifts that will make a great story when the hunter unwraps it.